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Security, a major issue

Thanks to our recognised know-how in the fields of IT, which include energy, industry, automation and administration, we are able to offer Cybersecurity solutions that take into account the specificities of your environment. Our main advantage is the diversity of our knowledge and our employees’ expertise. Our engineers, who are passionate about their business, will only be too happy to help you find the best solutions which are all orchestrated by a process of control to guarantee the confidentiality of the business being carried out.

Your security architecture - our know-how at your service

We will find tailor-made solutions to satisfy your requirements, all of which takes into account your priorities. Whether it is for a technical solution, verification/validation or training, our engineers will only be too happy to guide and help you choose the solution adapted to your needs.

Our support services

Security audits

It is very important to regularly check the security and integrity of your infrastructure. This can be achieved by a tailor-made security audit, consisting of several control techniques.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT security testing and recommendations to ensure the availability of your information systems.

Detail of our security audits

Social engineering

Test your employees for IT security

Empowering your employees with IT security

Informing your employees about security risks is not always enough to make them aware of the danger. Infoteam will carry out real-life exercises for you so that your employees will adopt the correct behaviour/procedures in dealing with these threats. Indeed, raising awareness alone is not enough to make the right decisions, it is also necessary to experiment with realistic scenarios.


Training and consulting


Our training and consulting services

Complete mastery of your areas of expertise is a key factor in the success and sustainability of your business. Recent studies show that many of the incidents that cause interruptions in a business are caused by human error. That is why it is important to consolidate the human factor. We help you to improve through our range of tailor-made services:

Discover our training and consulting services


Au coeur d'une campagne de phishing
Investigation d'une faille


Infoteam Quality Management

Project Management

Project Management

A premium-class package of professional services ensure the success of your projects.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

We engage ourselves to protect the sustainability of your investment.



The values and level of your competences are confirmed by third parties.



Our working methods are efficient and reliable. They allow us to be highly flexible throughout the project.

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Our specialists will be happy to advise you according to your needs and thus meet your expectations.

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